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TYPO3 composer installation & extension handling

Composer shell commands & routines for installing, updating and modifying a new system or third-party extensions. Also upgrade to Composer Mode 4 for TYPO3 12 explanations.

Create new TYPO3 installation via composer

Example copy from get.typo3.org/misc/composer/helper


composer require "typo3/cms-adminpanel:^11.5" "typo3/cms-backend:^11.5" "typo3/cms-belog:^11.5" "typo3/cms-beuser:^11.5" "typo3/cms-core:^11.5" "typo3/cms-dashboard:^11.5" "typo3/cms-extbase:^11.5" "typo3/cms-extensionmanager:^11.5" "typo3/cms-felogin:^11.5" "typo3/cms-filelist:^11.5" "typo3/cms-filemetadata:^11.5" "typo3/cms-fluid:^11.5" "typo3/cms-fluid-styled-content:^11.5" "typo3/cms-form:^11.5" "typo3/cms-frontend:^11.5" "typo3/cms-impexp:^11.5" "typo3/cms-indexed-search:^11.5" "typo3/cms-info:^11.5" "typo3/cms-install:^11.5" "typo3/cms-linkvalidator:^11.5" "typo3/cms-lowlevel:^11.5" "typo3/cms-opendocs:^11.5" "typo3/cms-recordlist:^11.5" "typo3/cms-recycler:^11.5" "typo3/cms-redirects:^11.5" "typo3/cms-reports:^11.5" "typo3/cms-rte-ckeditor:^11.5" "typo3/cms-scheduler:^11.5" "typo3/cms-seo:^11.5" "typo3/cms-setup:^11.5" "typo3/cms-sys-note:^11.5" "typo3/cms-t3editor:^11.5" "typo3/cms-tstemplate:^11.5" "typo3/cms-viewpage:^11.5" "typo3/cms-workspaces:^11.5" "typo3/minimal:^11"


Upgrading extensions

List extensions

Like TYPO3's core, extensions are also composer packages. The composer info command will list all extensions that are currently installed including their name and current version number.


composer info


Check for updates


composer outdated


Update Packages
After updating any packages, you always should commit your composer.lock to your version control system and your co-workers should run composer install after checking out the updates.

Update all Packages
Run composer update without any other attributes, to update all packages. Composer will always try to install the newest packages that match the defined version constraints.

Update an extension (minor)


composer update vendor/packagename


Install or remove an specific extension version


composer req in2code/femanager ^7.2.3
# remove an extension
composer remove georgringer/news


Activate own / third party extension via composer

E.g, create your extension via sitepackage - https://www.sitepackagebuilder.com/



	"require" : {
		"typo3/cms-about" : "^12.4",
		"typo3/cms-adminpanel" : "^12.4",
		"typo3/cms-backend" : "^12.4",
	"repositories" : [{
			"type" : "path",
			"url" : "extensions/*",
			"options" : {
				"symlink" : true


Create an new folder, e.g.‘ extensions‚ in root folder and put the unzipped extension into.
Check if the extension folder is registered under repositories in the main composer.json in the root folder of the website.

Render the new extension and activate it in the extension manager using the correct namespace (name) shown in the extensions composer.json file.


composer require vendor/extension-name:@dev